Ny serie: Traffic Light – trailer

En av de nye serien som har premiere over nyttår er FOX serien Traffic Light. Den hadde opprinnelig tittelen Mixed Signals.

Her er beskrivelse av serien:

TRAFFIC LIGHT is a new comedy series about three longtime friends and their attempts to reconcile the demands of their relationships with their desire for freedom. The series reveals how friendships and romances both enhance and complicate the lives of the men and women in them.


Brothers-in-arms ETHAN (Kris Marshall), ADAM (Nelson Franklin) and MIKE (David Denman) have been friends since college and have seen each other through highs and lows. Now well into their 30s, the three find themselves at different stages in their lives and trying to wrap their heads around the very grown-up decisions they have to make.

Ethan is the perpetual bachelor. He loves women, and when he’s in, he’s all in – at least for three weeks. Charming, genuine and hopelessly independent, Ethan is finding out that as he gets older, the pool of women who are willing to take things day by day is rapidly evaporating.

Adam recently moved in with his girlfriend, CALLIE (Aya Cash), and is learning how vastly different “she comes over a lot” and “she lives with me” really are. Adam is discovering there isn’t much “me” time any more, there’s only “us” time.

Mike is a married lawyer still trying to figure out the male-female dynamic. He wants nothing more than to be a good family man to his wife, LISA (Liza Lapira), and his infant son, but he’s also trying to carve out a little space for himself. Currently that space is in his car, where he watches action movies in 15-minute chunks while telling his wife he’s stuck in traffic.

Her er en trailer:



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