Make it or break it: Pressemelding episode 2.11-2.16

Jeg har faktisk akkurat kommet ajour med ABC Family serien Make it or Break it som handler om fire gymnast-jenter på 16 år som trener hardt for å nå drømmen om medalje i OL 2012. Dette vil jeg si er en typisk jenteserie som handler om vennskap, konkurranse, sjalusi, kjærlighet og det å overkomme hindringer, både faktiske og psykiske.

Sesong 2 fortsetter med nye episoder til våren. Premieredato er ikke offentliggjort enda, men ABC Family har nå gitt ut en pressemelding med svært detaljerte beskrivelser av de kommende seks episodene. Her er det med andre ord spoilers så det holder. Du finner pressemeldingen under linken.

“Make It or Break It” to Return in Early Spring 2011

Episode 2.11 “The New Normal”
Emily, Lauren, and Payson, are all preparing to go to a gymnastics exhibition in Denver while Kaylie is living in a eating disorder rehab away from her teammates and family. While at rehab, Kaylie befriends Maeve, a pretty model who is also there to shed her eating disorder. Marcus, a rep from the NGO meets with Chloe, Emily and Cindy, Emily‘s parole officer to discuss Emily‘s status after she was arrested for stealing medicine for Brian from the pharmacy. Cindy informs Emily that since her probation restricts her to home and the gym only, she can attend the exhibition in Denver only if she wears an ankle monitoring bracelet. Emily is mortified that she will have to perform with a monitoring device everyone will be able to see. At the exhibition the girls find out that Kaylie Parker is back and the Denver elite team will also be showcased at the exhibition. Austin introduces Lauren and Payson to a cute old friend of his named Max who seems to be immediately attracted to Payson. The girls learn that Max is considering moving to Colorado but is trying to decide on Boulder or Denver. Lauren wanting to sink her chops into Max at first sight, suggest Boulder. Later at the exhibition party, the girls see Carter hanging out with Kelly Parker and he informs them that he has jumped ship and moved over to the Denver team. While everyone else is at the party, Max spends time sharing some of his photography work with Payson. Kim finds Sasha from a tip from Marty and tries to convince him not to go to Romania. Emily apologizes to the Exhibition crowd for disgracing the Rock club when her leg warmer falls and her monitoring bracelet is revealed.

Episode 2.12 “Free People”
Kaylie is frustrated with her stay in Rehab, and wants more than ever to get back to training at The Rock. Maeve begins to coach Kaylie on what to say to get out of rehab quicker. Steve introduces Darby Conrad, the 25 year old, two-time Olympian, and Silver medalist as the new Rock Coach. Everyone, especially Payson, is skeptical of Darby‘s coaching abilities. Lauren is overjoyed because Darby was Lauren‘s – Big Sister at NGO camp. Darby meets the girls with a bubbly personality making her clearly more of a cheer-leader than a gym-leader. Darby informs the girls that she won‘t be imposing any dating rules or curfews on the girls. She trust that they as gymnast and women have the self control needed for their profession. Now that Darby is the new coach, Lauren asks to be her second in command as the new team captain in Kaylie‘s absence. Both Emily and Payson disagree that Lauren should be captain, and Darby has Payson and Lauren compete for the title. Damon is back in Boulder to record, and Emily is happy because she can finally see him without sneaking around. Kaylie‘s therapist approves Kaylie to go home but doesn‘t clear her to begin training. She suggest to her parents that she use this time to develop other interest. Steve asks Summer for a second chance at their relationship. Summer agrees and they are officially back together again. Marcus the NGO rep informs Emily and Chloe that the NGO has decided to keep Emily on the National team, provided she signs a contract that outlines rules such as no boyfriends, no job, and no social activities. Ronnie and Alex put together a recording studio for Kaylie to pursue singing. Still upset that she can‘t train, Kaylie tells Emily that Damon can use the recording studio her parents gave her in their home. Emily has to tell Damon that things must go back to the way they were before the rules were lifted but she is ready to have sex with him before they are separated again.

Episode 2.13 “The Buddy System”
Payson and Lauren continues to be snippy with each other, much of its due to their co-captain status and the playful attention Max can be seen giving Payson. Darby makes the two learn each other‘s routines in an effort to have them spend time together. Maeve surprises Kaylie with a visit to Boulder. Kaylie shares with Maeve that she still can‘t practice at the Rock because of her therapist and Maeve convinces Kaylie she has to turn her parents against the therapist and she will be back to training in no time. While looking at Lauren‘s computer, Steve discovers the email with the altered video of the Sasha and Payson kiss, that Lauren sent to Ellen Beals. Payson seeks advice from Kim and Austin as to how to trump Lauren‘s sexiness. Steve approaches Lauren with a DVD of the altered video in hand and tells Lauren he is going to give it to Summer. Lauren begs Steve to keep her secret and he agrees despite his intent to show Summer he is a changed man. Kaylie pays the Rock a visit with Maeve in tow. Later Maeve takes off to catch an international flight to her next modeling job. Emily finally discovers that Chloe works at a strip club when she finds Chloe‘s name tag. Emily shares with Payson that she had sex with Damon. Kaylie picks up the phone to call Maeve and a woman on the other end informs her that Maeve died of a heart attack in the airport.

Episode 2.14 “Life of Death”
Damon is having a writing and singing block in the studio at Kaylie‘s house and Kaylie secretly dealing with the loss of Maeve finds herself singing with Damon. Back at the Rock, Lauren, Payson, and Emily find out from Darby that the Dallas gym cancelled their upcoming meet and the Pinewood Club, one of the worst ranked teams in the country, has agreed to come instead. The girls become worried that they won‘t have a chance to compete competitively before the Invitational in Hungary. Lauren flirts with Max and asks him to come over later that evening to take new head shot pictures of her for the lobby. Maeve‘s mother calls Kaylie to thank her for being such a good friend to Maeve during her stay in rehab.. She invites her to say a few words at Maeve‘s funeral and Kaylie agrees. Kaylie shares with Damon that she has reservations about speaking at Maeve‘s funeral because she‘s never even been to a funeral and very unsure of how she feels. Damon convinces Kaylie to go and he volunteers to accompany her. Max photographs head shots for Payson and there is clearly an attraction between the two. Emily finds out that Damon is performing at the pizza shack and makes flyers to post around The Rock in support of him. Later when Max arrives to shoot Lauren‘s head shots she tries to seduce him by wearing a hot bikini. Engaged, he starts to shoot the hot tamale but Summer walks in on their photo shoot. Lauren begs Summer not to tell her father about her behavior. Darby has the girls stay the night at the gym before their meet with Pinewood, but wanting desperately to be their friend, she allows everyone to take a quick trip to the Pizza Shack for a little fun. While at the Shack Emily see‘s Damon on stage singing and Kaylie is on stage singing with him.

Episode 2.15 “Hungary Heart”
After the Rock‘s embarrassing lost to Pinewood, the lowest ranked team in the country, Payson, Emily, and Lauren are headed to compete in Hungary with a more stern Darby as their coach. Steve warns Darby that everyone is going to be watching her and if she appears unable to handle the girls, the NGO will take action. Payson notices Sasha‘s unsigned release papers waiting to be mailed to him in Romania. Damon visits Emily before the girls leave for the meet and Emily questions Damon about his relationship with Kaylie after she witnessed the two singing together on stage. Emily is also annoyed that Damon didn‘t tell her about Chloe working at the strip club. Emily decides it‘s too much and breaks up with Damon. While on the plane, Payson fed up with Darby, tells the girls she is going to get Sasha back as their coach. Payson initiates a plan in which the girls ditch Darby at the airport during their layover and they catch another flight to Romania. While in Romania, Emily drinks an energy drink and Payson reminds her that she shouldn‘t be drinking energy drinks due to how many banned substances they contain and could possibly cause her to fail a drug test. The girls find Sasha working in a bar, and he refuses to return at first but later gives in after Payson stubbornly stays behind to wait for him. Kaylie and Damon become closer as they discuss Kaylie‘s eating disorder, Emily, and music. Sasha returns to the meet in Hungary to coach the girls and Darby is not happy. After the meet, the International chairman approaches Emily and Sasha with a concern regarding her test. When Emily tries to defend her test by stating that she drank an energy drink, the Chairman informs her that her test did not reveal banned substances, but rather that she is pregnant.

Episode 2.16 “Requiem for a Dream”
Emily visits the doctor with Chloe and finds out that she‘s six weeks pregnant. Damon shares with Kaylie that his record label loves the song that he and Kaylie wrote together and they would like the two of them to record it. Sasha encourages Emily to make a decision about her pregnancy quickly if she expects to be ready to go to Worlds. Emily seems frustrated with Sasha and Chloe‘s push for her to make a decision. Lauren convinces Steve that he must propose to Summer now that Sasha is back. Lauren sets up a cute proposal for Summer, but Summer‘s answer is that she has to think about it. Kaylie appears to be making progress after speaking with Gene her therapist about enjoying singing and writing, and Gene gives her the approval for Kaylie to return to gymnastics. Marcus, the NGO representative informs Emily that she has been approved to go to Worlds. Upon hearing the news, Emily panics and runs outside for air. When Payson follows her, Emily confides in Payson that she is pregnant. Damon and Kaylie continue to record their song in the studio and caught up in the moment, Damon kisses Kaylie. After hearing that Emily made the Worlds team, Chloe confides in Marcus about Emily‘s pregnancy. Marcus convinces Emily that she doesn‘t have to have the baby, that she can have the procedure and be back to training in no time. Overwhelmed and upset, Emily yells to Marcus that she is tired of having her life controlled by the NGO. She feels like all the chances she has been given is too much pressure. Emily goes to Damon and tells him that she is pregnant and rather than pursue a dream that is killing her, she would rather have the baby and be happily ever after with him now. Kaylie, still unaware of what‘s going on with Emily, pays her a visit to apologize for kissing Damon earlier. With her worst fear and initial thoughts about Kaylie and Damon confirmed, Emily packs her things and leaves without Damon.

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