Being Erica: Info om sesong 4

Jeg har ikke klart å finne frem til noen konkret dato for når sesong 4 av den kanadiske serien Being Erica vil ha premiere, men mest sannsynlig er det nok til høsten. Dette blir seriens siste sesong og har som mål å komme “full circle” og gi serien en god avslutning hvor alle løse tråder nøstes opp.

Her kan dere lese intervju med serieskaperen gjort av TVLine.

What’s Erica’s journey in Season 4 as a doctor in training? | “Season 4 is about coming full circle,” says Sinyor. “It’s about finding happiness and balance. … The regrets are done. [Erica’s] still learning about herself, but she’s learning about herself through how she’s helping as a doctor in training.” A more mature, healthy Erica will pave the way for the show to adopt a lighter tone. “We’re going to be putting a lot more comedy into the show in season 4,” explains Sinyor. “That’s not to say that some big stuff’s not going to happen.” And to reward loyal viewers, Erica will be “revisiting the most loved characters from the first three seasons,” promises Sinyor.

Who is Erica’s first patient? | The next season will pick up right where the finale left off  “with the reveal of who that is” with the gloved hand. “Erica’s first patient is somebody she knows,” teases Sinyor. “The discovery that this person is her patient is unbelievably shocking to Erica.” In addition to a patient, every doctor needs an office, and Erica’s will evolve into something that’s more reflective of who she is. “She ultimately settles on something that is quite different,” while keeping one element from the original design, explains Sinyor.

Who/what are the doctors? | While Sinyor hopes to “answer all of the big questions that people have,” some of the mechanics of the doctors may remain a mystery. “We’re working on trying to reveal what we can reveal while keeping within the bounds of the world of the show,” she explains. “We’ve always been so clear about the fact that this is not a show that concerns itself with how the magic works.” Instead, the new season will find Dr. Tom trying to follow the directive to live his life. “We are going to get a chance to see some of his struggles and see his evolution in a different way,” she says. And although Erica is a now a doctor herself, “Dr. Tom will continue to be very, very present” in her life.

What’s ahead for Erica and the many men in her life? | Erica and new boyfriend Adam will be together when the season starts. “I’m very excited about what we’re doing with Erica’s romantic life this year,” enthuses Sinyor. “I think it’s going to be very universal.” And what about fan favorite Kai, who basically told Erica he was crazy about her? “Erica and Kai have a really, really powerful connection and really strong chemistry,” she says. But there’s just one problem. “They’re separated by time. That’s a really tough thing to get around. Who’s to say what would be possible if there was a way for the two of them to somehow make that work, to somehow be in the same space, to somehow overcome that obstacle. Who’s to say?”

Will Erica’s career at 50/50 Press take off? | The addition of a new character – an assistant – certainly bodes well. “Erica and Julianne are going to be working on Jay Manuel’s book this year. That’s going to be a big feather in 50/50′s cap,” says Sinyor, who hopes that Manuel will return next season. “It’s a big year for them. They get their first employee. It starts to become like a real business, a real success story.”

What’s going on with Julianne and Brent? | While Sinyor wouldn’t say if Brent has feelings for his former boss, she did admit that a tense peace treaty has been brokered. “I don’t know if Brent is done making amends,” she continued. “I don’t know if they fully trust him again. I think what he did was pretty awful and there was a pretty big breach, but it’s definitely headed in the right direction.” In the meantime, expect to see a lot more of the former colleagues-turned-enemies-turned possibly something more. “We’re going to see Julianne in ways we’ve never seen her before. We’re going to explore her life, the ways in which she is unfulfilled in her life,” says Sinyor, adding that she’s also “just finished writing a whole episode about [Brent]” and his inability to fit inside the box.

What about the rest of Erica’s friends and family? | Erica’s mom Barb and dad Gary looked like they were on the verge of a reconciliation, but “a massive reveal about her parents that’s quite shocking” may put a damper on their happy reunion. Things don’t look any simpler for poor Judith, who will still be “having a rough time” with her marriage.

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